About Our Company

Baixada was created in 2004 by Lisa Zawacki when she was seeking a clutch that was bold and unique, yet of the utmost quality. Today, the company is positioned at the pinnacle of luxury handbag design, offering elegant, artful designs. The simple lines, elegant appearance, and brazen style make them the ultimate handbag for those who gravitate towards extreme style and luxury.
Baixada uses only the finest python skins which are hand selected by the designer.  They are then hand made in the village of Ubrique which is famed for its leatherware.  Here, in the mountains of southern Spain, leather crafting is truly an artform that dates back over 200 years.  Since the natural python skins vary in size and pattern, the assemblage process varies to assure that the most visibly appealing portion of the skin is the main focus.  Therefore, each handbag is also unique. You are guaranteed that the minutest details were taken into account during this creation process.

The interior is the finest brushed calfskin, also hand chosen for quality. All are lined with a buttery camel color, reminiscent of the well-made purses of a bygone era. Locate any luxury vintage handbag and you will surely see this color on its interior. The color of the interior is a Baixada signature.  Look for it inside each handbag, regardless of the design.

Inside each handbag is another opulent surprise…a hand designed sterling silver zipper pull shaped like a monkey.  According to folklore, the monkey represents intelligence, creativity and influence, all traits of the Baixada individual.  Each pull is enhanced with genuine gemstone eyes. The eyes are coordinated with the color of the handbag and include rubies, emeralds and white sapphires, to name a few.  This pull adds a whimsical note to such an elegant design.  This monkey is also a Baixada signature and can be found on each handbag.

As you can see, every aspect of Baixada handbags is critically examined at every level of the creation process, ensuring you the finest handbag possible. When you carry a Baixada handbag, you are carrying the highest quality, individually handcrafted for the most elegant and deserving woman.

About The Designer

When Lisa Zawacki began spending time in Barcelona, Spain, she had no idea what an impact the city would have on her life. She and her partner purchased a second home there in 1999. They then spent six months of each year soaking up the city's amazing creativity in design.

Originally from New Jersey and now residing in Atlanta and Barcelona, she attended Oglethorpe and Georgia State Universities, studying actuarial science. She worked as an actuarial analyst for several years before deciding to embark upon ventures of her own. This led to website design for small businesses and real estate investment. Traveling extensively throughout Europe and Asia for two years, Lisa acquired a taste for cutting edge style, an appreciation for unique design and an energized enthusiasm for life. She returned to the states, inspired.

While preparing for an elegant evening out, Lisa realized that finding the perfect clutch became a near-impossible task. Priding herself on her unique fashion sense and unable to locate exactly what she needed, Lisa sat down and began to design a simple, stylish clutch that would surely turn heads. Influenced by the sleek, minimalist designs seen throughout Barcelona, the final clutch was born. It was meticulously constructed of exotic skins and exuded luxury.

Due to bold design and exquisite quality, people began inquiring about Lisa's personalized clutch. Lisa realized that many other women desired to make such a unique statement. She then began the design research necessary to make the handbag line a reality. Named after the ancient, pedestrian street upon where their home sits in Barcelona, "Baixada" became the perfect title for this company. Lisa has been dedicated to the launch of Baixada for over a year. She has positioned herself and her line, to be the pinnacle of luxury handbags.

Currently, Lisa spends her time between Barcelona and Atlanta. She also travels to other European destinations frequently, holds her private pilot's license and continues to develop intriguing designs for Baixada.